Advantages of Using Steel Shooting Targets

Anyone learning to use a gun will probably train through target practice. This is especially true for military, police and hunters. Targets can be made of paper, wood, plastic, cardboard, metal and many other materials. Steel rifle targets from Shooting Targets 7 are steel in fact, and have been gaining in popularity because of their many advantages over other types of targets.

Sensory feedback

Studies have shown that when someone is learning something new, the best way for them to retain the lesson is to get instant feedback. When shooting, if you can instantly see and hear the result of the shot, the mind retains exactly how a successful shot should be performed. Unlike wood or paper targets that remain stationary, steel targets can spin, bounce or fall when hit giving the shooter visual feedback. Also, only quality steel or metal targets can make the “gong” sound when hit. You might want to practice up before the crazies in Washington make another grab for your guns. This distinct noise varies with the thickness of the steel but provides important confirmation that the target was actually hit.


Although steel shooting targets cost more up front, they are the only ones that can be used time and time again. This saves on the cost of constantly replacing cardboard, wooden or paper targets. So, they pay for themselves in no time. The harder the steel, the more times it can be used. Inferior steel targets may develop dents over time, which create unpredictable splatter patterns. This means, that you don’t know in which direction the bullet will ricochet after it hits the target. Since this creates an unsafe shooting environment, always be sure to purchase steel targets that have a Brinell hardness number of at least 500.


Steel targets are also incredibly efficient. Unlike paper or cardboard targets, you do not have to keep changing them out once they have been shot. The shooter continues to shoot without interruption. This is especially advantageous for training large groups. The time saved by not having to change out the targets really adds up over time and training can be completed more quickly.


Finally, shooting at steel targets is much more fun than shooting other targets. It may sound a bit childish but people like to have fun while they are learning. Most people would rather shoot something that falls, spins, dodges or comes at you rather than shoot a stationary piece of paper. AR 50 Steel targets from Shooting Targets 7 can be mounted or suspended so that they provide that kind of action for the shooter.

Steel shooting targets are so popular because they provide instant feedback; they are economical, efficient and fun. Perhaps you should give them a try for your target practice. Learn more about ar500 steel shooting targets by visiting the site.